Alhambra, California

Welcome to the Alhambra website for the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi. This website was created to assist you, the people of Alhambra, in understanding the many facets of elder abuse and nursing home law. As Los Angeles nursing home attorneys, we can help you in choosing an appropriate care facility and hopefully preventing any form of abuse or neglect from being inflicted upon your loved one.

Alhambra--named after Washington Irving's book Tales of the Alhambra--is located in the western San Gabriel Valley, approximately eight miles from downtown Los Angeles. In the past, Alhambra has featured unique architecture. Although many of these structures have been torn down, unfortunately, Alhambra remains as a largely residential city today. Rich in Chinese culture due to its majority population of Chinese-Americans, the city hosts a Lunar New Years Festival annually. As of the 2010 census, Alhambra's population was 83,089. The city is home to 7 nursing facilities and is serviced by 193 home health care agencies.

The Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi specializes in Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Negligence cases. We sincerely believe that everyone is entitled to the highest standard of professional care while in residence at a skilled nursing facility or receiving home health care. We shudder to think of a loved one falling, and yet all too often, severe pain, broken bones, and ultimately death are the result of nursing home residents falling because no one was there to answer their call button or assist them when they cried out. Such injuries are almost always preventable with an appropriate amount of staffing and care. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services recently issued a health initiative to provide incentives to health agencies that demonstrate a decrease in the number of preventable injuries.

If you think your loved one's fall was avoidable and the result of negligence in nursing home or home health care staff, please contact us today. We will fight for you and your loved one, sparing you the stress of trying to handle the problem alone, and getting you the compensation you deserve.

We at the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi invite you to contact us today for a free consultation. If you cannot come to us, we will come to your home or hospital bed to meet with you.