Our Los Angeles infection lawyers are experienced in litigation involving preventable infections, such as sepsis, in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our team of attorneys understands the dangerous and damaging consequences of such injuries and are prepared to aggressively pursue cases for those who have suffered from such infections, which unfortunately can result in severe harm and even death.

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening blood infection that is generally called "blood poisoning." A patient or resident can become septic when bacteria make their way into the blood stream. Common places of entry are intravenous lines, surgical wounds, and pressure ulcers. The presence of bacteria in the blood sets off an immune response. This can be localized to the infection site or involve a wide scale inflammation response throughout the body.

The symptoms of sepsis can include fever or low body temperature, vomiting, hyperventilation, low blood pressure, changes in white blood cell count, rapid heartbeat, shaking, skin rash, and confusion. If the symptoms become serious, sepsis must be treated in the intensive care unit of a hospital as the inflammation can cause cardiovascular problems, cutting off the blood supply to vital organs such as the brain, heart, kidneys, and lungs. In severe cases of sepsis, known as septic shock, the presence of high levels of bacteria in the blood causes the immune system to set off a systematic inflammatory response, leading to multiple organ dysfunction and ultimately death. If you or your loved one has suffered any of these symptoms at a nursing home or care facility, you may want to call a Los Angeles infection lawyer for help.

Sepsis can develop after surgery or be triggered by contact with a person with a bacterial infection. Therefore, like other infectious diseases, the risk of contracting sepsis can be decreased by well-implemented hygiene procedures and the decontamination of medical equipment. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities should ensure that all staff members regularly wash their hands and use gloves when providing care to residents with infectious diseases. Improper hygiene can also contribute to the occurrence of sepsis, especially if a facility lacks sufficient staff to immediately change and clean the soaked diapers and bedding of residents with incontinence.

Staff should also be educated and trained to identify early symptoms of infectious diseases and to follow infection control guidelines. Because of the high mortality rate associated with sepsis, it is crucial that skilled nursing facilities implement measures to aid in early diagnosis and treatment. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities should also avoid overcrowding their facility, as this increases the risk of spreading infection. Sufficient space and staff members for isolated care of infected patients or residents must also be provided.

Proper prevention and treatment of sepsis requires adequate staff, both in quantity and quality, and a generally clean and sanitary environment. Usually, suffering from a septic infection in a skilled nursing facility is a sign that the patient’s dignity and hygiene have not been attended to, according to the patient’s rights.

If your loved one has suffered severe complications, such as permanent organ damage, cognitive impairment, or physical disability, caused by sepsis in a skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility in California, please contact us and speak with a qualified attorney today. Our infection lawyers in Los Angeles will evaluate your case with our team of medical and legal experts to determine whether your loved one has been subjected to elder neglect, which is a form of Elder Abuse. If so, we will pursue your case with vigor until justice is served and facility owners and operators understand that the health and safety of our elderly is more important than increased profits.

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