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Ben and his team did an amazing job. He recently worked on a case with my family and we went against another party who had no intention in taking responsibility for what they caused. We went into a mediation and were offered 10,000 dollars, Ben and his team ended our meeting and made it very clear to the other side this was something serious and would be taken seriously. This team stuck through with our case for 3 long years and put in amazing work and effort, and finally forcing the other side to admit their wrong doings and present real numbers and a real negotiation. What I respected most about Ben and his team was at every moment along the way he was honest and direct about possible outcomes and information. Ben and his team had our family’s well-being in mind the whole time and the results of this case speak values. This is definitely a law firm that is will represent its clients to an amazing extent.

Thank you all for everything you have done and continue to do.

- Crystal V.

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Date: May 30, 2023
Subject: Elder abuse/nursing care neglect services rendered by Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi

Ben and his staff are the Very Best elder abuse lawyers. One of the leading causes toward my sister's death was severe bed sores resulting in pressure ulcers. It takes a very skilled experienced lawyer such as Ben who guided our family through this complicated legal process that was needed to establish a wrongful suit.

Ben is a master of gathering the appropriate information and evidence and presenting our case during the deposition process. His due diligence and compassionate nature during deposition to continually keep the defendants on edge, resulted with significant results and self-confession wrongdoing.

I strongly recommend the services of Ben Yeroushalmi for any elder abuse case. Ben is very straight forward and where needed takes the emotionality out of the case just presenting the facts which is necessary to win in mediation, arbitration and court cases.

- John C.

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Ben and his team won my case for me. They cared, listened and left no stone unturned to find the evidence to win my case. So I wholeheartedly recommend Ben Yeroushalmi and his team. They won my case and they can win yours also.

- David A.

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Ben and his team were exceptional. Communication was quick and clear. If you are unsure or nervous at this very sensitive time, all I can say, is you won’t regret it. Don’t wait.

- Sonia S.

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Ben and his team are awesome ! They Really helped us in our situation. He kept us up to date on information and many details. He was able to resolve our case quickly. We were very blessed to have found and picked Him as our attorney. I highly recommend him. Thank you, God bless !

- Robert M.

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Ben Yeroushalmi is a real blessing from God and the myers family thanks him for what he did for our family. No need to go into detail. Again Thank you so very much.

- John M.

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Recently I had a life-changing experience. I needed legal advice and help. I contacted the Law Office of Ben Yeroushalmi. From the beginning Mr.Yeroushalmi and his staff were very sympathetic and understanding toward my situation. They contacted me often and kept me informed as to the progress of my case. It is with great appreciation that I am very happy with the outcome of my case. Thank you to the Law Office of Ben Yeroushalmi and his staff.

- Patsy S.

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Excellent in every aspect. I picked them for the experience they had in my type of case, and the empathy balanced with the knowledge and professionalism is top notch providing you with the trust you need in a lawyer. I highly recommend.

- Tracy M.

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I am so fortunate to have found the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi. From my first meeting with Ben, I knew he was passionate about his work. When I explained the situation to him, he was as appalled as I was. He showed such genuine concern and was truly invested in seeking accountability for the egregious behavior inflicted on my mom.

We dealt with such unscrupulous behavior from the facility. Withholding and altering requested documents, forgery, deception and more. Through extensive investigation Ben found additional evidence I was not even aware of! He has worked aggressively and skillfully to find justice for my mom.

Ben is a brilliant lawyer who is dedicated to the law. He is honest, ethical and professional. Ben’s commitment to the law and his commitment to his client is indisputable. And the team he has assembled around him has worked relentlessly on my behalf. Their attention to detail is meticulous and comprehensive. Their efforts are second to none. The impact this experience has had on my life is beyond words. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi. I am forever grateful for Ben, Devon and Preston.

- Toni G

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If you need an amazing elder abuse attorney look no further. Ben is phenomenal!

It is extremely refreshing to have met an attorney that is genuinely compassionate yet fierce like a lion. Ben and his staff are genuine, kind and professional. I interviewed over 13 attorneys prior to selecting Ben. When I met him I knew instinctively that he was brilliant and that he would demand justice. I was heartbroken regarding the abuse my elderly loved one endured. Ben and his staff treated me like family and helped me reach closure to a painful chapter in our lives. The staff is polished and proficient. They never drop the ball. Devon is amazing. She makes sure that the team works synergistically. I highly recommend this firm.

- Regina Queen

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Ben was a beacon of hope to my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Ben's experience and passion for his work, and his clients, delivered a positive settlement to our family. Additionally, his Case Manager, Devon always listened and was so emphatic. It was so easy to talk with Ben and Devon we felt they really cared. Their calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional support to myself and those I care about most. My sister and I are eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi without reservation.

- Jim Fisher

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Ben's name was passed on to us from a friend of a friend that had lost her mother to neglectful abuse in a nursing home. People reading this review may not have that resource of knowing a person with actual experience with Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi. So I encourage you to read the reviews and give Ben a call and tell him of your situation. My family and I are grateful for Ben and his teams honest, passionate, compassionate and professional services.

- Sincerely, Michelle

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Ben and his team were a blessing to myself and daughters in our grief over losing my wife of 60 years. Ben and my daughters worked well together ensuring that my wife's neglectful and unnecessary death delivered a positive result.

- Sincerely, Emerson

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Ben, and his staff provided me with stellar, and compassionate service during the time my mother was living in a nursing facility which she has had several complications due to neglect. Ben returned all of my phone calls in a timely manner, and was always eager to answer any questions or concerns that I had. He also went above and beyond to offer several solutions in settling my case and he treated my case as if it were his own family member he was fighting for. I cannot be more grateful toward Ben, and his staff for the professional, and compassionate service they provided. I was always kept informed every step of the way. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi, you will not be disappointed. My mother ended up passing away during the settlement process, but in the end knowing that I had this wonderful team that helped me Get to the finish line gave me the peace that I needed to know I’ve done all that I could for my mother, and I didn’t have to FIGHT alone!

- Nikia Wilson

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Ben Yeroshalmi represented my family for a case involving my mother who suffered severe neglect at a nursing home that led to her demise. Mr. Yeroushalmi accepted our case. He was sincere and empathized with the loss of my mother. He and his team were very professional and helped us to make informed decisions throughout the case. Mr. Yeroushalmi always made time to speak with my father and I when we had questions. He and his team kept us informed with every step. Their investigation into the case revealed unethical practices and helped us to seek justice. We are very thankful to Mr Yeroshalmi and his team and highly recommend them.

- Simone

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I believe its very important that I tell my story regarding my case with Mr. Ben Yeroushalmi and his staff Devon and Preston that they were with me in my time of need and they were just a phone call away when I needed answers with my case about my love one that meant so much to me. Ben understood what I was going through and very knowledgeable in my case and with has so much compassion and passion in his work Ben was my voice when I didnt have a voice what to do and I thank you so much for that Thank you for my closure and voice and Devon Im going to miss your laugh and how you always made me smile Thank you and God Bless you you were my voice.

- Barbara Guerrero

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After my wife had suffered the consequences of a nursing home’s gross negligence, I was inclined to seek justice. Many local attorneys declined to take the case. That’s when I found the Law offices of Ben Yeroshalmi. Ben evaluated my account of the nursing home’s practices and decided to pursue my case. He and his staff were extremely supportive and maintained open lines of communication. I highly recommend the law offices of Ben Yeroshalmi for the dedication, attention to detail, and investigative skills of Ben and his team. Their hard work helped uncover the unethical practices. I sincerely thank Ben and his staff for upholding the scales of justice and being the voice for those defenseless.

- Harry

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There are not enough words of gratitude that I have for Mr Yerushalami and his staff. They are beyond wonderful. Every phone call and email returned faster than I could even anticipate. Clear and concise explanations and information given to us every step of the way. I sought out Ben through reviews just like this one and I am thrilled that I did. Mr Yeroushalmi also spoke to us personally every single time - Making us feel as if we were his only case! Highly recommended especially the integrity his firm has goes above and beyond what I thought was still available to us in this day and age. He is a Class act and a completely incredible A1 expert In his field. Don’t bother looking elsewhere. You won’t find better!

- April F.

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After numerous searches, I found the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi. Ben represented me during a difficult and stressful time in my life. From beginning to end, he and his entire staff greeted and displayed the highest professionalism and respect. He is honest, hardworking, knowledgeable, fair, work ethics and communication is top notch. His display of calmness at a time of my uncertainty and confusion made me feel at ease with hope for the best outcome I could ever ask for. I would not hesitate in having him represent me in the future. God gives us our discernment to use and it's certainly true that your energy arrives in a room before a person enters and he is definitely a good spirit. There are not enough stars I can give this firm but I will say it's more than 5+. Thank you to Ben and his staff for guiding and representing me during a period that I clearly did not know where to turn. He is blessed and highly favored. Many continued blessings.

- Seqwendolyn Johnson

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Very good and caring attorney. He personally made all telephone calls and and got it done in timely manner. The best attorney!!

- Zhanna Oganesyan

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I highly recommend this very professional firm in every way.

The first quality that quickly became obvious was how much Ben and his staff truly cared about their client. The level of compassion that I experienced was amazing and their business practices were equally outstanding.

I handled this case on behalf of my aunt who suffered a Stage IV bed sore due to the negligence of a nursing home. I received frequent updates, prompt answers and thorough documentation throughout the process.

Devon deserves special mention for all of the above in addition to the help she provided me in resolving some Medicare issues after the settlement.

The final result was a very fair settlement despite numerous obstacles that were thrown at us by the attorney for the nursing home.

Thank you again Ben and Devon for everything. Feel free to provide my email or phone number to anyone for a referral.

- Ed Von Runnen

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Mr. Ben Yeroushalmi is an honest, Trustworthy and straightforward attorney. We are very thankful to have found him to fight our case. Always answered every call and communicated very carefully every deal of the case. Since day one he and his team always made sure to answer every question and explain everything with detail. We drove 3 hours and he was very professional to wait for us because of traffic.

Please do your homework when looking for an attorney. I did and the offices of Yeroushalmi was the perfect choice. So do not hesitate to call and get your questions answered before you make a decision on who to choose. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you once again to the whole law firm, we really appreciate your help and support in this hard situation that we have been in.

- Luz Pelayo

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When I lost my mom due to a negligence, I decided to call an attorney in order to justice for her. I never had done such a thing and never knew any attorney so I started searching and I was praying to God to show me the right one. My prayers were answered. When I choose Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi, I noticed how he and his staff are knowledgeable and assertive and that made me feel comfortable and when I talked to Ben personally, I noticed that he is a master in communication and explanation because I could understand the most difficult legal terms, situations and aspects that I had never heard of before. He made the situations so clear that I was able to make an informative decision. Ben is a man of action. Whatever he said to me, he did it. He is honest and straightforward, so he will tell you from the beginning if the case has a chance to win or not. He will not take your time and circle you around. He is Trustworthy. He provides you for every step he takes a legal document. In some areas that I did not know what to do, his guidance provided me with the best results. He is assertive and very professional attorney. He answered every single call and every single email on time. I had no problem reaching him out and my questions were answered right on time. He is very passionate about his job which makes him to be a very successful attorney in this field. It was really a great pleasure for me to have him as my attorney and I want to thank him and his staff as well for everything that have done for me. I am very happy and satisfied of his work and I have no doubt that whoever choose him as attorney, will have the same feeling as mine. I highly recommended him.

- Tania Ganji

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Besides being an outstanding attorney, Ben is a very caring person. He went above and beyond with the defense lawyer to reach a fair settlement. He kept me informed of every step he took. The staff is great and professional. I would highly recommend Ben and his team.

- Nik Konstance

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I just have to give my experience with Ben and Devon and of course everyone who helped us in this trying time. My husband fell while in rehab and Ben and his staff were unbelievable. He helped thru this very very trying time. His compassion is beyond words. He fought for us all the way and always kept me and my daughter updated with emails and phone calls. The end result was in our favor and we cannot thank him enough. He is an incredible person and I would recommend him to anyone who is in this position. Thank you Ben and Devon again for being so wonderful and caring.

- Estelle Sherman

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I am honored to share my experience regarding Ben and his staff. My mom passed away in 2013 when the nursing home where she lived for nearly two years inadvertently withheld a life-sustaining medication she had been on for most of her life. It was a very complex and emotional case. Throughout all the years working with Ben, I developed a wonderful relationship that has always felt to me like family. He has incredible integrity and warmth and his passion for elder abuse law and justice has been quite exceptional to witness. His staff is also incredibly passionate and compassionate and they all obviously love the work they do and the rewards it reaps. This is an extremely difficult subject to embark upon with people who are in so much pain over their loss. I highly recommend seeking them out should you ever find yourself in such a situation.

- Deborah Favorite

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Ben Yeroushalmi is hands down the best attorney I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. And his entire staff is second to none! Big shout out to Devon as well, she is an absolute gem!!! From day one, after hearing about what happened to my elderly mother while under the care of some pretty unscrupulous people, Ben and his staff snapped right into action. They were always kind, considerate, patient, compassionate and above all knowledgeable beyond belief when dealing with the complicated legalities of elder abuse law. Ben has the tenacity of a pit bull and the heart of a Lion! He will leave no stone unturned! He is an absolute nightmare to the opposing counsel. He will not stop until he gets his point across. But he does it with such eloquence and sophistication, it’s really something to marvel at. Even when I had my doubts Ben was always there to listen to me, to reassure me. He convinced me to keep my head up and stay the course. Because it was the righteous thing to do, not just for me, but for my 88 year old mother who could no longer care for herself. And because I had so much faith in this man, that’s exactly what I did. And in the end Ben was right. We crushed them!!! Obviously I am not at liberty to discuss the specifics of the case... but if I could... trust me, my mom and I were not disappointed with the end result. Simply stated: Ben Yeroushalmi Law Group Rocks!!!!!!

- Bruce Rubenstein

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I am writing this review for Ben Yeroushalmi and his team. My Mom was severely injured at her nursing home while sitting in her wheelchair. Since the incident occurred where she was living (nursing home) , nobody ( attorneys/law firms) was willing to help us. The venue was absolutely at fault. I was fortunate to find Ben Yeroushalmi. Without him and his team my mom and I would be in dire straits. Ben worked on her case for over a year, did a tremendous job, with follow up, and constantly fought for us and kept us updated. He didn't have to take our case. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone in need of a highly skilled and expert in Elder Abuse/ Accidents. Thank you again to Ben and his team! We are forever grateful.

- Christopher Sean Hammett

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Experienced Litigator with genuine care and concern. Ben and his staff went beyond the scope of Legal Counseling. They provided myself and family with counseling, guidance and assistance with life effecting decision making. Attorney Yeroushalmi made himself available 24 hours a day, there was not a time that a phone or Email was not answered promptly! Ben held understaffed Skilled Nursing facilities and their administrators accountable for horrendous acts of Elder Abuse and Neglect. His efforts didn't stop their - he aggressively pursued the Medical Doctor in charge and held him accountable for poor decision making, neglect and elder abuse.If you are looking for aggressive representation with an empathetic approach, The Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi is the right choice!

- Cameron Wilson

Ben did an outstanding job representing me. I reside in New York, and Ben was always there to take my phone calls and answer any questions I had, in California, where my suit was filed. He is very compassionate, extremely competent as well as aggressive. He has a very hard working, awesome staff that makes you feel like family and I will always be grateful for all their time and help. I highly recommend Ben.

- Wendi

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I knew after the first phone call, that Ben Yeroushalmi was the best attorney to get justice for my elderly mother. Ben understood the situation and was able to accommodate our need for immediate action. After speaking with Ben I felt sure that he would completely take care of our case. He made us feel like we were not alone and he always had our best interests at heart. The level of attention and advocacy Ben gave my mother felt like the same level he would have provided to his own family members. I will never forget all the care and professionalism he and his staff gave our family in such a critical time. Being able to have Ben as a warrior to obtain justice for my mother is something for which I will be forever grateful.

- J. Becerra

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I hired Ben for my uncle and I am glad I did. I was always able to contact him directly and ask him any questions about the case. He made sure that he was in contact with us to give us updates. He worked tirelessly on my uncle's case and we are happy with the results. I won't hesitate to hire Ben again because his law firm is really on top of what they are doing and they really care about the client.

- Anne

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A couple of years ago I began searching for an attorney to assist me in advocating on my Dad’s behalf due to mistreatment my Dad experienced. I met with several attorneys; however, after meeting with Ben I was sure he would be a strong advocate for my Dad. Both Ben and his staff tirelessly worked to aggressively defend my Dad’s trights. They helped to bring resolution to a situation that caused my family a great deal of distress.
Ben and his assistant Devon are extremely knowledgable about issues that place elders at risk, and their passion for ethical treatment of the elderly shows in everything that they do. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone seeking an attorney to assist them with addressing problems related to elder abuse/neglect, or substandard caregiving/living conditions. I found him to be resourceful and able to problem solve complex situations.

- Germaine S.

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Summer Bridge 2016
I had a heartfelt and memorable experience with Ben , very genuine and I can tell he loves what he does. His determination shows beautifully and it is amazing. In my opinion it is very rare you find people who love what they're doing and it shows. Not wanting to get religious on an review but, God introduced me to Ben for a reason. You'd be crazy not to want to work with Ben. I will always and highly suggest Ben for his services. Review

My family and I were represented by the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi. He and his team are very dedicated. They keep you informed of all the information that you need. Ben and his team are compassionate of the work that they do and you will feel this compassion. Ben and his team will fight to get you what you deserve. Myself and my family had many questions during our time working with Ben. He or one of his team members will get you an answer a.s.a.p. either by phone or e-mail. Ben and his team made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I highly recommend the Law offices of Ben Yeroushalami. Review

All around GREAT experienced under the circumstances. Special thanks to Devon Wtright she did exceptional work for our case.

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Ben Yeroushalmi
Ben was wonderful. He took our case when no one else was interested or wanted way to much money. We would highly recommend Ben because he really listens and takes your situation into consideration. We settled our case and we were only unhappy with one thing and that was the confidentiality clause but that was not Ben's fault it came with the deal. Unlike other professional's Ben was easy to talk to and actually spoke to us on the phone which we really appreciated. He was really available for us even tho he had a busy schedule.

- June

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Mother's stroke unnoticed by nursing home..Mr. Yeroushalmi was experienced in handling the case
Ben Yeroushalmi accepted my case with much understanding and patience. He went above and beyond with the defense lawyers to reach a fair settlement. He explained the complete case process (as I had never filed a case with anyone) Ben kept my sister and I notified of every email or correspondence he had with the oppossing council. A very understanding human being. I would highly recommend him.

- Gloria

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One word: Perfect.
Excellent staff and the epitome of genuine, honest, and beyond helpful. I was lost and running out of time until I found Yeroushalmi law office. I am beyond grateful and had the pleasure of working with such amazing people who look out for your best interest.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

- Anonymous Review

Ben is an outstanding litigator, and human being. He took on our case, as if it was his own. He paid close attention to details. His guidance was invaluable. He was very clear and concise, in explaining all potential scenarios to us. He spoke eloquently, and straight to the point at all times. Ben is a true professional, with a passion for his craft. He also has a keen eye for talent. Devon, who he handpicked to assist him and ourselves on our journey was impressive as well. She is very sharp. Review

I am very grateful that we chose to work with Attorney Ben Yeroushalmi. Our family was dealing with a heartbreaking loss. Ben utilized his expertise to help us through a difficult time with as positive a result as possible. He is a strong litigator, responds quickly to all calls and e-mails, and provided us with outstanding guidance throughout the entire process.

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Mr Yeroushalmi was our lawyer for a case involving my mother who was a victim of elderly abuse while in a nursing home. He and his team did an excellent job. My mother was able to live comfortably for the remaining years of her life due to the results of our case. I highly recommend Mr Ben Yeroushalmi.

- Danny

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Mr. Ben Yeroushaimi Review
MR.Yeroushalmi represented my brother and me for a case involving our mother being in a nursing home where she was neglected. MR Yeroushaimi was very efficient He really work hard for us we became close to him because of his personality he love people especially the elder people we love him and would highly recommend him to anyone.

- Louvenia

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My family's experience with Mr. Yeroushalmi
Mr. Yeroushalmi had provided his legal services for my father's medical injury case. Through mr. Yeroushlmi's excellent services, my family could make informed decisions during the entire course of legal proceedings.
Thanks for the professional and responsive services. I strongly recommend Mr. Yeroushimi as your legal advisior. He is the one you can rely on. Thanks.

- Samuel Review

Ben is a wonderful person and a terrific attorney/mediator. Without his deft skill, warm style and experienced perspective, I couldn't have made it. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us during the most difficult time. His is a true gem.

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Thank you
Mr. Yeroushalmi provide excellent representation. After my husband passed away from complications due to Alzheimer's. It was a complex case and I was always informed of the progression of the case. The office staff offers the personal touch and patience with my constant phone calls and questions. I highly recommend Ben and his staff if you are looking for an aggressive attorney with high ethics and great attention to details.

- Terry