Bradbury, California

Welcome to the Bradbury Nursing Home Neglect website for the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi. We created this website to make you aware of the obligations skilled nursing facilities have towards their patients and what your options are if the facility has failed to meet those obligations.

Bradbury is a small, affluent city located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains below the Angeles National Forest. The city is comprised of three distinct areas--the Bradbury Estates, which is a gated community consisting of homes at least 5 acres in area; Woodlyn Lane, which is also a gated community with minimum 2-acre estates; and the balance of the city, which is not gated and has lots generally ranging in size from 7,500 square feet to 1-acre. In September 2010, Forbes magazine placed Bradbury's zip code of 91008 at number one on their annual list of America's most expensive zip codes, with a median home price of over four million dollars. Notable residents of Bradbury include Yung Yeung, billionaire Chinese automotive tycoon; Saudi Arabian Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud; Lap Shun Hui, tech entrepreneur, founder of eMachines, owner of InFocus, and former owner of Packard Bell; director/choreographer Kathleen Marshall; and televangelists Eugene Scott, Melissa Scott and Peter Popoff. According to the 2010 Census, Bradbury has a population of 1,048 with 1 Skilled Nursing Facility in the city.

Incontinence is an embarrassing, uncomfortable and ultimately expensive problem that is all too prevalent among residents of skilled nursing facilities. This loss of bladder or bowel control can have a wide range of causes and, like any symptom, must be carefully assessed, diagnosed and treated by a qualified physician, as delineated in Section 483.20 of Title 42 of the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations. Even then, the patient must rely on nursing staff--primarily Certified Nurse Assistants or CNAs for their toilet and hygiene care. This means relying on these nurses for their dignity as well! Section 483.30 of Title 42 states that a skilled nursing facility must have sufficient staff to provide the highest level of care to each and every resident. This means that people who are known to need help cannot be left unattended, and cries and call buttons cannot be left unanswered, even if this requires a one-to-one patient-to-staff ratio on a 24 hour basis.

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