Coalinga, California

Welcome to the City of Coalinga website for elder abuse and neglect attorney Ben Yeroushalmi. At the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi, we are dedicated to protect the rights of long-term care facility residents such as those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. By bringing awareness to your community of your rights as a patient, we hope that you and your loved one may avoid pain and suffering that can result from nursing home or assisted living facility neglect and abuse.

Located in the Pleasant Valley at the eastern edge of the Golden State’s Mountain Range, Coalinga is a beautiful city encircled by hills and ranches. As California’s sixth largest city with a population of 19,063 citizens, Coalinga provides its residents with excellent schools, a community hospital, parks and recreation department, and a two-year community college. The city also has one skilled nursing facility.

The occurrence of hip fracture is, unfortunately, very common among older adults. It is not only a devastating injury that greatly decreases physical, mental, functional, and social balance, it also increases a person’s rate of mortality. Studies have shown that an estimated 50% of patients who have had a hip fracture die within six months. Most of those who survive are unable to regain their baseline independence. Long-term care facility staff must determine patient-related and environmental factors that influence the exacerbated mortality rates of patients with hip fracture in order to increase survival and quality of life among older adults.

Often times, nursing home staff would use physical restraints on residents who are more susceptible to falls, claiming that restraints enhance safety for residents. However, this practice only exacerbates the decline in mobility and independence. A recent study has shown that residents who were subject to physical restraints experienced a diminished ability to carry out activities of daily living over time compared to residents who were not placed under restraints.

Rather than restraining residents who are susceptible to falls, caregivers must first identify the primary cause of the problem. Nursing home residents who experience a fall and risk injury commonly do so due to muscle weakness. Studies have shown that certain exercises enhance muscle strength and eventually lessen the risk of falls among older adults. In addition to various other exercises that produce similar results, these are the only kinds of treatments that residents should ever have to undergo.

The law mandates that physical restraints are only to be used for medical purposes, and even then, a patient is entitled to refuse any and all types of treatment. Moreover, the use of physical restraints has been directly associated with isolation, depression, incontinence, and the development of bed sores.

Long-term care facilities do not have the right to put their residents’ lives at risk for their own convenience. This act is a form of elder abuse and neglect. If you or your loved one has been a victim of elder abuse, contact us today for a free consultation.