Costa Mesa, California

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Costa Mesa, with its population of 109,960, as of the 2010 census, is a major center of commerce for Orange County. Directly contributing to this reputation is South Coast Plaza, which is the largest mall in California, with its total sales ranking as the highest in the United States. Just across the street from South Coast Plaza is the Orange County Performing Arts Center and the South Coast Repertory, both renowned performance centers. In addition to the array of shopping and entertainment that Costa Mesa has to offer, the city also has four skilled nursing facilities.

Because Costa Mesa is home to so many nursing homes, we find that it is of utmost importance to inform you of current issues in nursing homes in order to help you distinguish between a quality nursing home and one that is below standard. A common issue in nursing homes today is incontinence. While the types and causes of incontinence may vary, treatment of all types involves a dedicated and qualified staff. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you choose a skilled nursing facility that is adequately staffed. You must also ensure that the staff is properly trained because the first step in the treatment of incontinence is identifying its underlying cause, so caregivers must therefore be able to recognize signs of incontinence and understand the potential causes of this health problem. Caregivers must also be able to provide mental support to patients as well. As incontinence can cause an elderly adult to feel a loss of dignity, which may lead to depression and isolation, nurses must encourage residents to prevent them from feeling humiliated or ashamed of this unfortunate condition.

As an attorney for elder abuse, Mr. Yeroushalmi firmly believes in the rights of every patient to receive care that is congruent to the highest possible quality of life. Nursing home neglect is a serious issue that needs to be confronted. We sincerely hope that this website has served as informational and has helped you to become more aware of a few of the current issues in nursing homes today. If you or a loved one has been a victim of nursing home neglect or elder abuse, we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately so that our team of experts can evaluate your case and attain the rights to which you or your loved one are entitled.