Elk Grove, California

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The city of Elk Grove is in Sacramento County in between the cities of Sacramento and San Francisco. The city was originally established as a hotel and a stage coach stop about 15 miles south of Sutter’s Fort. It was incorporated as a city in 2000 with a total of 42 square miles. Its current population is about 167,965. The city is known for its diversity and its award-winning school district. About 70 % of its population completed some college education or higher. The city is also home to about 20 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 6 high schools, and 5 private schools, further demonstrating its commitment to education. In 2014 Elk Grove was named the second- best city in California for homeownership while in 2015 it was named the best Sacramento suburb for young couples. Aside from being a booming suburb, the eastern part of Elk Grove remains a vision of the city’s “proud heritage” with a majestic display of nature, 93 parks and 28 trails, that exemplify its agricultural roots. Elk Grove is currently home to seven assisted living facilities and one nursing home.

Malnutrition and dehydration are common issues that occur among residents at long term care facilities when their individualized needs are not met by the staff. Some residents must be placed on strict diets while others require feeding tubes and are completely dependent on the facility staff for their nutritional needs. Malnutrition puts residents at risk of developing further issues such as weight loss, pressure ulcers, and infections. Similarly, dehydration also puts residents at risk of complications including falls, strokes, renal dysfunction, and even death.

It is a facility’s duty to adequately train their staff on the needs of their residents. It is also very important for them to properly staff the facility. A common cause of malnutrition and dehydration is understaffing because when a facility is understaffed, residents do not receive the individualized attention that they require and neglect occurs. Understaffing during mealtimes is common and detrimental to residents, especially those that need assistance eating. Without the proper staff, it is possible that some residents are not finishing their meals if eating at all. Additionally, residents who require a feeding tube are at a heightened risk of malnutrition and dehydration since they depend entirely on facility staff to provide adequate nutrition for them. These residents are increasingly susceptible to other complications such as constipation and vomiting which greatly deteriorates their health. It is vital that their nutritional needs are adequately understood and maintained.

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