Folsom, California

Welcome to Attorney Ben Yeroushalmi’s page for Folsom, California. Here at the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi we pride ourselves in fighting for the rights of those who have been abused or neglected by long term care facilities. As elder abuse and nursing home neglect become more common, we are increasingly dedicated to advocating for the rights of those whom has been harmed by these grievances.

Folsom, California is a city in Sacramento County that was one of the popular mining towns during the California Gold Rush. The attraction to Folsom increased when it was turned into a railroad terminus bringing with it lots of growth and economic prosperity. Later, the Folsom Powerhouse was built to transmit power from the city to Sacramento. In 1880 the famous Folsom prison, the second oldest prison in California, was built, creating a bigger interest for the town. With the attraction of the railroad, the prison, and the powerhouse, Folsom quickly grew and was incorporated as a city in 1946. Today, Folsom remains one of the popular town of Sacramento County with a population of about 72,000. There is currently one nursing home and two assisted living facilities in Folsom, CA.

Many place their loved ones in long term care facilities because they believe that they will be surrounded with staff that provides them with premium care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A prominent issue that affects many residents at long term care facilities is the development of bed sores, or pressure ulcers. These pressure ulcers are common amongst elderly who are bedridden or cannot move certain parts of their body. A bed sore first presents itself as skin breakdown, that if left untreated can spread to a stage four pressure ulcer and rip the skin enough to expose tendons and bones. Once a pressure ulcer reaches a stage four surgery is required. Some pressure ulcers take weeks to years to completely heal.

Bed sores could present complications and further complicate a resident’s health. Therefore, it is important that facilities have preventative policies in place to halt the development of these bed sores. Just as important is the education of the facility staff on how to recognize and care for these sores. A common culprit for the neglect that occurs at facilities is understaffing. Understaffing at long term care facilities makes it difficult to enact effective preventative measures against the development of bed sores. Frequent repositioning, thorough skin assessments on high risk areas, and good nutrition, are some of the steps a facility can take to prevent bed sores from developing, but these also require constant attention from staff. At an understaffed facility time and man power are key issues that do not allow for these preventative measures to be enacted.

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