Fountain Valley, California

Welcome to the Fountain Valley website for the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi. This website has been created for the educational purpose of helping you understand the various requirements that a high standard of care entails.

Fountain Valley, California, with a current population of 54,797, did not become instated as a city of Orange County until 1957. Proudly bearing the motto 'a nice place to live,' Fountain Valley has definitely lived up to this bold declaration. It is home to Mile Square Park, a park that is over six hundred acres and one mile in length on each side. The park serves as a community center in which families may enjoy picnics together, bikers and joggers can exercise, while others have a place to walk their dogs. Mile Square Park is a physical embodiment of Fountain Valley's shared community values that truly make it 'a nice place to live.' Given the residential nature of Fountain Valley, it is home to one skilled nursing facility.

Here at the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi, we are most dedicated to helping you ensure that your loved one's skilled nursing facility is providing him or her with the best possible quality of care. One of the most prevalent issues in nursing homes is understaffing. Regardless of how dedicated and qualified caretakers may be, it is nearly impossible to provide a high standard of care without an adequate amount of staff members. According to Health & Safety Code § 1599.1(a) nursing homes are required to provide a sufficient amount of staff to maximize the physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of its patients. Furthermore, California state law requires that every nursing home meet a minimum requirement of 3.2 nursing hours per patient, per day. These laws were enacted with the purpose of preserving the dignity and quality of life of the elderly. By abiding by these laws, nursing homes can prevent many serious issues such as malnutrition and dehydration, falls, and pressure sores. Beyond spreading awareness about the dangers of nursing home neglect, we also feel a responsibility to fight for the rights of those victims who suffer from nursing home neglect and understaffing. If you are or have been a victim of nursing home neglect, or know someone else who is suffering, please contact us immediately for a free consultation. We believe that any violation of Patients' Rights is inexcusable and will pursue your rights with passion and dedication until a just resolution is achieved. Under the circumstances that you are unable to come into our offices, we will come to your home or care facility to meet with you or your loved one.