Hawthorne, California

Welcome to the Hawthorne website for the Los Angeles nursing home abuse attorneys at the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi. As specialists in elder abuse, we facilitate the complex litigation process that a nursing home neglect case entails, and promise to do everything in our power to attain maximum benefit for our client.

Hawthorne is known to fans of the Beach Boys as the home of Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson. Wilson brothers' boyhood home was demolished in the late 1980s during the construction of the Century Freeway, but was honored by the dedication of the Beach Boys Historic Landmark in May 2005. At the 2010 US Census, Hawthorne had a population of 84,293. Hawthorne is home to 3 Skilled Nursing Facilities.

In any community, nursing homes have some problems. When those problems exceed legal boundaries, we at the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi are here to help you. A recent article in the 2011 volume of the Journal of Gerontological Nursing reports that 35-85% of elder adults living in nursing homes suffer from malnutrition. You may wonder how this is possible, given the abundance of food in our society. We assume starvation is the result of ravaging disease such as congestive heart failure or advanced AIDS. But all too often, it is understaffing that leads to this otherwise preventable problem. Section 483.30 of Title 42 of the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations states that nursing homes are required to have enough nursing staff to see to the care and feeding of each and every resident's individual needs, even if that means a one-to-one nurse-to-patient ratio. Dental and oral health issues are also common among the elderly and contribute to weight loss and various disorders, such as anorexia and cachexia, and subsequently, malnutrition. Many residents of nursing homes need dentures but do not have them, while others who do have them are using defectives ones. Section 483.55 of Title 42 provides for proper dental care in Skilled Nursing Facilities. Conversation, eye contact and other positive social engagement can contribute enormously to the well-being of residents who tend to wander from the table during mealtime. Patients have a right to all these things and more.

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