Huron, California

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Huron was founded in 1877 and welcomed as part of the Fresno County in 1951. The city is located in the vast west region of the San Joaquin Valley, nine miles east of Interstate 5 (I-5) and three miles south of Highway 198. Major markets are easily accessible for local produce delivery thanks to Highway 269, which runs north and south through the city. Huron is called home to 6,975 residents. The city provides plenty of opportunity for growth, development, and business expansion, as well as an available labor force.

The older adult population is the largest and fastest growing population in the United States. As one can imagine, many of these elderly people are frail and experience decreased mobility functioning, making them highly vulnerable to deleterious injuries such as falls. The reporting rate of falls experienced by seniors ages 65 years and older has escalated from 28% in the late 1990s to 36% in the year 2010.

Research has shown that falls are the most prevalent cause of injury among the elderly population. In fact, 1 in every 3 American people experience a fall each year. A study led by Dr. Christine Cigolle at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor explored data collected from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) to assess surveys completed from 1998 to 2010 and count participants’ reports of experiencing a fall at any time between the duration of the surveys.

The researchers found that the percentage of older adults reporting a fall in the time between 1998 and 2010 increased from 28.2% to 36%. It is interesting to note that the increase was almost solely among older adults younger than 85 years of age and fairly prevalent across all categories including gender, income, diseases, and disability. Although most people believe that the oldest old are the only ones at risk of falls, the study shows that patients between the ages of 65 and 89 are truly at a higher risk.

This study emphasizes the importance of identifying older adult patients at risk of falls at earlier ages in order to provide the proper care to prevent them from occurring. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities must develop a detailed fall prevention care plan for residents identified as at-risk fallers. These long-term care facilities are responsible for maintaining an adequate level of staff to efficiently deliver care plans to every resident.

The preservation of patients’ mobility functioning is highly crucial in order to maintain their independence for as long as possible. Care staff can encourage patients to engage in appropriate forms of physical exercise while under staff supervision, to promote both physical and psychological benefits safely and effectively.

If you or a loved one has experienced a fall while under the care of a nursing home or assisted living facility, you may be a victim of Elder Abuse or Neglect. At the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi, we believe that negative outcomes experienced by older adult residents due to poor care practices is reprehensible. Contact us immediately if you or a loved one has suffered from a fall or any other event that has caused unnecessary or preventable injury due to inappropriate care by a long-term care facility.