Inglewood, California

Welcome to elder abuse attorney Ben Yeroushalmi's website for the community of Inglewood. As specialists in nursing home neglect, we feel that it is our duty to inform your community of the challenges your loved one may face as a nursing home resident.

The city of Inglewood is part of the Los Angeles South Bay area. Inglewood was incorporated in 1908 and has a population of 109,673 according to the 201 census. One of the cities landmarks is the original Randy's Donuts, which features a giant donut on its roof. The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, better known as D.A.R.E., was founded in Inglewood. The city has five skilled nursing facilities.

One health issue that becomes more common with age is incontinence. However, it is important to emphasize that incontinence is a symptom that can be improved. One way to offset incontinence is to maintain independence in using the bathroom for as long as possible. For example, make sure that your loved one's nursing home is not using diapers on your loved one prematurely. Sometimes, when nursing homes are understaffed, they will place residents who can still use the restroom independently in diapers for purposes of convenience. Often, these residents only need help getting from their bed to the restroom, but nurses will use diapers to avoid having to help them move to the bathroom.

Patients with incontinence require special care. Therefore, the staff must be fully equipped to deal with incontinence and all its implications. Incontinence is a particularly delicate condition that can often be embarrassing for the patient. In addition to maintaining a patient's hygiene, caregivers must also be sure to preserve the patient's dignity by providing encouragement and emotional support.

Sometimes treatment of incontinence only requires a simple change in diet and fluid intake. Incontinence can also be a side effect of medications. Recently, a study showed that physical therapy can actually treat incontinence as well. In order for any of these treatments to be effective, however, there must be enough staff available to implement them.

If your loved one is incontinent and you often find him or her laying in dirty sheets and diapers, we urge you to act immediately because incontinence can become serious if left untreated. Sometimes, it can even lead to other health problems including bed sores and infections.

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