Irvine, California

Welcome to the City of Irvine page for the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi, specialists in nursing home neglect law. Our mission statement is to fight for those who have suffered from elder abuse and put a stop to the actions of skilled nursing facilities that believe they can get away with mistreating their residents. We believe that no one should have to go through the pain and anguish of elder abuse and have created this website as a resource for those in such situations.

The City of Irvine started out as the ranch of sheep farmer James Irvine. Under the directorship of his son James Jr. and the newly incorporated Irvine Company, the land became dedicated to agriculture, especially lima beans. Urban development started in the 1950s, especially when the University of California bought up land to build UC Irvine. The modern city of Irvine was constructed in the 1960s to 70s, under the direction and master-plan of William Pereira. The decision to incorporate in 1971 was coupled with the goal of further expansion, realized now in the more than 210,000 residents and 66 square miles of land. Today's Irvine is one of the largest planned communities in America, friendly to both businesses and community-based residential living, and has been consistently rated as a top five city for quality of life. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the three farmers' markets or balloon rides in the newly developed Orange Country Great Park. Irvine is home to only one Skilled Nursing Facility, but its location at the heart of Orange County provides easy access to nursing homes in the surrounding areas.

Choosing a nursing home for your loved one can be a difficult and confusing task. Because of the unfortunate prevalence of elder abuse in California nursing homes, a decision that should be easy is made into a situation where the consequences of choosing the wrong facility can be very unfortunate. The California Department of Public Health publishes some, but not all, of citations nursing homes may have received. Medicare also offers a comparison program for those in the process of searching for a home. Visiting the nursing home multiple times prior to seeking a place there can be very helpful in determining the level of care given to residents.

But even a thorough vetting of a facility does not ensure that your loved one will be safe from abuse and neglect. If at any time you believe that your loved one is suffering while in a nursing home, you have definite options for taking action. California law protects the rights of nursing home residents. Every patient is entitled to stay in a safe and hygienic environment that employs acceptable numbers of trained staff to properly care for each and every resident. Preventable conditions, such as pressure ulcers and many types of infections, can be signs of improper and inadequate care. The state government performs yearly inspections of skilled nursing facilities and has channels through which deficiencies can be reported, but the surveyors frequently underreport or miss citations and the process can be very lengthy. Your best recourse is to contact an attorney who specializes in elder abuse and take legal action to prevent any further harm.

Here at our offices, we dedicate our practice to fighting for those who have suffered due to nursing home neglect. Our main goal is to ensure that your loved one receives the quality of care that he or she is entitled to by law. We will prepare your case thoroughly for trial and not stop until you and your loved one have received a just resolution. If your loved one has been made to suffer while in a nursing home, please contact us today and see what our attorneys can do to help you by discussing your case in a free consultation.