Kerman, California

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Located about 15 miles west of Fresno, Kerman was born in 1891, when the Southern Pacific Railroad Company was built as a station that included a pump and watering take. The area was originally given the name Collis, in honor of Collis P. Huntington, who was the president of the railroad. It was at this location that the infamous Sontag and Evans gang help up the San Francisco-Los Angeles passenger train in 1892. This event is believed to be one of the last train robberies in the United States and is considered the most historical event to happen in Kerman.

William G. Kerckhoff and Jacob Mansar bought 3,027 acres of the land from the Bank of California in 1900 and established the Fresno Irrigated Farms Company. Six years later, the land of Collis became the landof Kerman, based on the men’s last names Kerckhoff and Mansar. Kerman officially became a city when its 1050 residents voted to incorporate in 1946. The city remains primarily agricultural, but is expanding into an industrial area as it develops an industrial park and stable business. According to the 2010 census, Kerman now has a population of 13,544. There is 1 assisted living facility in Kerman and 31 nursing home facilities nearby.

The United States has more than 6 million older adult recipients of long-term services and supports (LTSS) that include those receiving care in assisted living and nursing home facilities. Quality of life has long been an important concept for health care due to its strong influence on older adults’ physical and psychological wellbeing, especially for older adults who are struggling with a loss of control over their lives, as well as loss of functioning. Health-related quality of life is highly important for the growing older adult population in nursing home and assisted living facilities. Research has shown that older adults residing in these types of institutional settings are vulnerable to lower quality of life compared with those living in the community. Although there is no primary definition of quality of life due to its multidimensional construct, it has a variety of components that include health, function and social engagement, general well-being; subjective impression of quality of life, such as life satisfaction; and environmental influences. It is critical that assisted living and nursing home facilities address these important components by providing the necessary resources and care for elderly residents, to maintain their overall health and wellbeing.

Social support has a broad range of positive influences on both the physical and psychological well-being of older adults. Social support can mitigate the impact of stressful events such as loss of a loved one or a residential relocation and prevent the negative effect of social isolation such as increased depression. Assisted living and nursing home facilities can foster the maintenance of social engagement for residents by providing social activities and encouraging visits from family members and friends. Studies have shown that social interaction, feeling close to others, and social activities are positively related to quality of life among older adults living in care settings.

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