Los Alamitos, California

Welcome to the Los Alamitos website for attorney Ben Yeroushalmi. At the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi we specialize in nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Unfortunately, these cases grow more common each day as the baby boomer’s generation approach retirement and many of them settle into nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Our team is committed to providing you and your loved ones with information regarding the problems that the elderly encounter at nursing homes because of abuse and neglect. We hope that our website provides you with useful information on elderly abuse and guides you towards what to do if you or a loved one have suffered from this.

Los Alamitos is a city in Orange County in between Long Beach and Anaheim. In 1896 Los Alamitos was purchased by William Clark, who planned its township, as a land for raising sugar beets. Los Alamitos was home to the first sugar refinery of Southern California and most of the town was made up of vast fields of sugar beets. The town became a chartered city in 1960 with a population of 3,400. Around the time of World War II the area around Los Alamitos became heavily concentrated with the aircraft industry. In 1941 the U.S. Navy moved its training field for aircraft from Terminal Island to Los Alamitos where Navy, Marine, and other country’s fliers were trained. The new base created jobs in the town and spurred residential growth in Los Alamitos. It remained an active base for the U.S. Navy until 1972 when the residential development in the area created a need to cut back on base activity. In 1973 the California National Guard took over the base and designated it as the Joint Forces Training Base that currently serves as a reserve training center for all branches of the military and is home to the USA Water Polo National Aquatic Center. As of 2010, Los Alamitos was home to about 11,536 residents and about 14% of the population was aged 65 years or older.

With a high percentage of the population reaching older age, it is important for the residents of Los Alamitos to be aware of certain accommodations that the elderly require, especially in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Significant issues that arise when elderly patients are placed in nursing homes or assisted living facilities are malnutrition and weight loss. These two issues can lead to larger complications, such as the development of bed sores and infections. When these complications arise, it is necessary for staff to meet the special needs of their patients through individualized attention. By creating meal plans, helping patients feed themselves, and dedicating time to food and fluid intake, facility staff can help prevent weight loss and dehydration. To provide patients with one on one attention it is necessary that a nursing home or assisted living facility be well staffed. One of the largest contributors to elder abuse and neglect is understaffing. Often these facilities do not have enough staff during important times of the day such as meal time, contributing to the problem of dehydration and malnutrition by neglecting the attention that these patients deserve.

Unfortunately, cases of malnutrition, dehydration, and other forms of elderly abuse and neglect occur more commonly each day. If you feel that you or a loved one have been injured by abuse at a nursing home or assisted living facility contact us today for a free consultation. Our team at the Law Offices of Yeroushalmi will do its best to fight for the justice owed to you or a loved one.