Los Gatos, California

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Los Gatos is a town in Santa Clara County, California with a reported population of 29,413 people, according to the 2010 census. Los Gatos is home to an affluent business community with links to Silicon Valley. Interestingly, the ever so popular streaming service, Netflix, has its headquarters in Los Gatos. The city was ranked 33rd among the most affluent cities in the US, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, and is known for its pedestrian friendly downtown area and its thriving arts community. The town is also a noted hotspot for antique vendors selling their wares. In regards to the etymology of the city’s name, the English translation for the Spanish name Los Gatos is “the cats”, which is an acknowledgment to the bobcats and cougars that make the foothills of the town their natural habitat. People can learn about the history and art of this city by visiting the New Museum, previously called Museums of Los Gatos. Artists from all over the Bay Area showcase their creative works at the museum for visitors to enjoy. For pedestrians, bicyclists, nature enthusiasts, and hikers looking for some aerobic enjoyment, the city offers the Gatos Creek Trail.

In addition, Los Gatos has six nursing home facilities and one assisted living facility, with thirty others nearby.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are responsible for providing the best quality of care to their older adult residents. They must ensure that they are maintaining their residents’ quality of life and overall health. Unfortunately, these goals are often unattainable for some of these long-term care facilities. Due to a variety of issues such as low staffing levels, poor training of staff, and documentation errors, staff in these facilities fail to meet the needs of their residents and consequently increase their likelihood of having adverse health outcomes.

Elder abuse and neglect are also prevalent within these facilities. According to a recent study, nursing homes often give their elderly patients psychotropic drugs with no regard to the potentially harmful side effects they can cause and with no additional supervision to prevent their patients from experiencing adverse events. Substantial evidence has shown that sleep medicine, which is a common psychotropic drug given to residents, impairs older adults’ sensory, mental, and physical functioning, thereby disturbing their balance and greatly increasing their risk of falls and fractures. It is common knowledge that with old age, bones become more brittle and muscles get weaker. Therefore, older adult residents, who are already predisposed to experiencing a fall that could result in serious injury, given psychotropic drugs are extremely vulnerable and must have increased supervision by long-term care facility staff. Failure to provide this vigilance by the staff is considered neglect.

If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of elder abuse or neglect in a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home or assisted living facility, please contact the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi for a free consultation. We are devoted to fighting for the rights of you and your loved ones.