Mendota, California

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Like many other cities in Fresno County, California, the City of Mendota has its roots in the railroad business. In 1891, the city was home to the Southern Pacific Railroad storage and switching facility. A year later, the first post office was opened and Mendota was incorporated in 1942. Since then, the city has been flourishing, with agriculture the center of production. Due to the Mendota’s immense cantaloupe production, the city was deemed Cantaloupe Center of the World. In addition to agriculture, the city’s industries include solar power plants, a Federal Correctional Institution, a biomass plant, and a variety of produce companies. The city also has a library that is a branch of the San Joaquin Valley Library System, called Mendota Branch Library, which opened in 2007. Opportunities for recreational activities are many, with four city parks, as well as the County and State established parklands, like the Mendota Wildlife Refuge. Mendota also has an active children’s sports program, which has achieved revered awards and such as the Tri-County Championship in youth football and made State Champions in boxing. According to the 2010 Census, Mendota had a population of 11, 014.

There are 10 assisted living facilities in Medota and 19 nursing home facilities nearby.

It is well known that older adults living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are extremely vulnerable to adverse events that could severely diminish their overall health and quality of life. Falls are one of the most common injuries among these elderly residents that often results in serious injury—particularly hip fractures. According to a recent report in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, an estimated 1.6 million people over the age of 50 worldwide experience a hip fracture from a fall each year. Moreover, women are twice as likely to sustain a hip fracture than their male counterparts. It is clear that for older adults in long-term care facilities, supervision and monitoring of fall risk must be carried out by care staff on a regular basis to assess their likelihood of falling and take the appropriate precautionary measures.

It is crucial that nursing staff strive to maintain or improve their patient’s mobile function for as long as possible. Providing opportunities for patients to engage in physical exercises and activities to increase their muscle mass and strength has been shown to be hugely effective in decreasing fall risk, not to mention improving their psychological wellbeing. These facilities must maintain appropriate staffing levels to ensure that their patients are being given these types of programs.

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