Morgan Hill, California

We would like to welcome you to our webpage for the city of Morgan Hill, California. The dedicated attorneys at The Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi possess years of experience in navigating the complex waters of Nursing Home Neglect and Elder Abuse. Our expert knowledge in litigating these types of nuanced cases means that we consistently meet the high burden of proof necessary to obtain the most favorable results for our clients.

The city of Morgan Hill was founded on November 10, 1906 in the southern part of Santa Clara County. It was named after a Missouri business man who built his country home there in 1884. Back then the city mostly consisted of ranchers, farmers, and fruit orchards. Now it is a commuter town for the high tech and burgeoning Silicon Valley, where many of the world’s largest technological firms are headquartered. As such, Moran Hill enjoys one of the highest per capita incomes in the state, if not the country. There are 2 Skilled Nursing Facilities located in Morgan Hill.

It is unfortunate that these kinds of things occur in a facility that represents itself as caring for the elderly. But the stark reality is that many of these Nursing Homes are owned by large management companies that need to watch their bottom line and therefore run these facilities like a business. And as a business, if costs need to be brought down and creative ways are not invented, then the care suffers. If bad customer service is merely an annoyance in the service industry, than in the custodial care industry, it can be fatal. The practice of understaffing a facility and making existing personnel take care of more patients with less time is a tragic byproduct of this cost cutting mentality.

Poor staffing levels breeds poor care which in turn breeds a variety of other serious issues such as the increased instances of falls; dehydration and malnutrition; physical and chemical restraints (over-medication); the occurrence of pressure ulcers (bedsores); incontinence and poor hygiene; an environment that is prone to the spread of infections; wrongful death; and a host of other patients’ rights violations. These types of facilities misrepresent themselves as high-level care facilities, while taking insurance money and endangering the lives of their residents.

Nursing Homes that operate in this manner are violating the minimum staffing required by California Health and Safety Code 1276.65 and should not be operating unimpeded. These Skilled Nursing Facilities put you and your loved ones at risk and what’s worse is that they are abusing the implied trust that one gives to a medical care facility. At the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi, our experienced litigators are dedicated to holding these violators accountable for their actions. We have specialized knowledge in cases of Nursing Home Neglect and Elder Abuse and have specific expertise in meeting the high burden of proof necessary for this type of litigation. Don’t be a victim of Elder Abuse, let us defend your rights and obtain the restitution that you and your loved ones deserve. Call us today for a free consultation.

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