Palmdale, California

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On the western edge of the Mojave Desert lies Palmdale, the first incorporated city of Antelope Valley. As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, it has gone through many recent developments in services and utilities. Palmdale was founded by European settlers in the mid-1800s who mainly farmed. Unfortunately, due to its location in the desert, water was scarce until the Los Angeles Aqueduct was completed in 1913 to bring water to Palmdale and boost the agriculture industry. In World War II, however, the US government established Muroc Air Base (now Edwards Air Force Base) nearby, as well as constructing aerospace development plants. Since then, Palmdale’s economy has been based on the aerospace industry and multiple defense contracting companies that operate there, leading to its nickname: “The Aerospace Capital of the United States.” Despite its high population, Palmdale does not contain any nursing homes. There are, however, four skilled nursing facilities in the neighboring town of Lancaster that service the entire area.

When selecting a nursing home, it is extremely important that you choose one that will provide a high standard of care. The purpose of the skilled nursing home is to ensure a comfortable quality of life for you, which can only be done through proper care and procedure. A common problem in skilled nursing facilities is infections. Since nursing home residents are older, with weaker immune systems and often other present diseases, they are especially susceptible to infections. Nursing homes are responsible for preventing, diagnosing and treating these infections promptly, but many lack the resources to do so, and end up creating a hazardous environment for residents that is dirty and unsanitary.

Most infections can be prevented by an attentive and competent nursing home staff. When a standard of care is not upheld, neglect occurs. Neglect often leads to misuse of antibiotics which can lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria, overdoses of medication, and failure to treat patients with infections and diseases. Nursing staff that do not wash their hands or properly identify symptoms and contain the spread of pathogens are putting their residents at risk. This is a violation of Patients’ Rights, and a breach of the law. If you think you or your love one is a victim of nursing home neglect, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact us today for a free consultation, and we will help to protect your rights and ensure the quality of living that you deserve.