Redondo Beach, California

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Redondo Beach was incorporated in 1892, and is currently one of the three Beach Cities located in Los Angeles County. As of 2010, the population of the city was measured at 66,748. The majority of the people who live in Redondo Beach are drawn by the ocean and sunshine vibe of the city. The Municipal Pier, also known as the Redondo Beach pier and nicknamed the 'Endless Pier', is a popular tourist attraction that began construction in the 1800s and has been built upon since then. It currently remains 25 feet above the water and in total measures out to be 70,000 square feet. The pier was also used as a primary filming location for The O.C., a popular television series dating from 2003 to 2007. The city as a whole is split into two separate areas: North Redondo, the inland, residential area interspersed with some major industry and commercial space, and South Redondo, the lively area connected to the beach and pier. Redondo Beach currently has no Skilled Nursing Facilities registered within the city area.

In Skilled Nursing Facilities, infectious diseases are a more common occurrence due to elderly residents' underlying chronic diseases and weakened immune systems. The two most important factors in dealing with infections are understanding and enacting the correct preventative measures, and also putting into play infection control measures in the event that an outbreak occurs so that the effects may be properly contained. One such life-threatening disease is sepsis, or blood poisoning. Sepsis occurs when a body's immune system responds to a bacterial infection that is introduced to the body through an open wound that leads back to the bloodstream. Sepsis is very dangerous as it can cause blood flow problems to the body's vital organs, which in turn can trigger multiple organ failure and a higher inflammatory response that could ultimately result in death. Sepsis, like the majority of other infections, can be easily avoided by following through with standard hygiene procedures and properly decontaminating all medical equipment because it is either passed along through contact with a sepsis carrier or developed while in surgery. While any nursing staff should be properly trained to deal with sepsis and other infectious diseases, many nursing homes cut costs by employing undereducated staff or practice understaffing.

Section 483.30 of the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations states that nursing home residents are entitled to a sufficient amount of nursing staff to take care of their needs; the understaffing that takes place at Skilled Nursing Facilities is a direct violation of that understanding. Proper staffing levels and enforced hygiene procedures at a nursing home can save many elderly patients from suffering through an unwarranted infection. If you have witnessed your loved ones being put in a situation where their personal rights are abused by the inattention of nursing home staff, please contact us for a free consultation. We will thoroughly and aggressively pursue the results needed to change your loved one's living situation for the better.