Rolling Hills Estates, California

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As of this year, Rolling Hills Estates has no registered Skilled Nursing Facilities within their city. The city is located in the Los Angeles County, and in 2010 the population was measured at 8,067. While the city is comprised mostly of residential areas, one can find a large amount of horse paths that lend a more pastoral feel to Rolling Hills Estates. Maintaining a community atmosphere in close relation to an equestrian, rural lifestyle has always been a concern of the city, ever since it was incorporated into the Los Angeles County in 1957. Horses thus play an important role within the community, ranging from The Peter Weber Equestrian Center to the emphasis placed on horses and training to take place in the City Celebration. In order to maintain such a look and atmosphere, the city has in place individual neighborhood Homeowners' Associations for each of their 30 different neighborhoods.

One major concern for a nursing home is the prevalence and effect of falls on elderly patients within their facility. Over 20% of the recorded deaths within a nursing home can be attributed to falls. Nursing home falls are often accompanied by fractured or broken bones, often within the hip and leg area, and can unfortunately result in hospitalization, further disability, reduced functional decline, and death. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, about 100-200 falls are reported from facilities with an average of 100 occupied beds. Even worse is the fact that many falls beyond this amount go unreported by these nursing homes. In the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, Section 483.30 requires that a specific amount of nursing staff be available to properly care for nursing home residents. If the nursing home cannot provide the right amount of care, then they directly participate in understaffing which highly contributes to injuries and abuse within a nursing home. If the amount of nursing staff is sufficient, then a certain amount of those falls are preventable through proper supervision and removal of dangerous factors within an environment.

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