San Gabriel, California

Hello, and welcome to the San Gabriel nursing home neglect website provided by the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi, one of the premier elder abuse and neglect law firms in the Los Angeles area. We hope to guide you in your search for more information on the different ways that elderly abuse and neglect manifest within nursing homes, as well as provide an opportunity to prevent such abuse from happening to any of your loved ones currently in the care of a nursing facility.

There are currently 8 Skilled Nursing Facilities located within the city of San Gabriel. The city of San Gabriel was incorporated in 1913, and was named after the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, which was founded by Father Junipero Serra. The city's population was listed at 39,718 at the time of the 2010 census. Today, the city is a vast mixture of North American, Asian, and European cultures and has many Chinese-oriented stores and restaurants within the area. The 12-acre "San Gabriel Square" mall provides all types of shops and tourist attractions, earning its nickname as the "Chinese Disneyland". Seven out of the eight nursing facilities found in the above link are also listed among the top employers in San Gabriel City's 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

While this initially sounds like a positive statistic, it is misleading information. The majority of nursing homes often have more residents than they have staff to take care of them, which results in major understaffing. In the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, Section 483.30 states that a skilled nursing facility must be able to provide nursing staff that is sufficient and able to give adequate care to each individual resident based on their individual assessments and health plans. Nursing homes are required by law to provide a minimum of 3.2 nursing hours per patient per day. This number is subjective, as patients will often require more than just the minimum care hours given during the day. While these nursing homes and rehabilitative centers seem to employ a large group of people, one needs to keep in mind that only part of that amount are actually trained to handle the patients, and in certain facilities some nurses and aides do not even have all the proper training required of them. Studies have also shown that understaffing and lack of proper training directly correlates with the amount of deaths and development of preventable diseases such as pressure sores that occur within a nursing home.

Unfortunately, many nursing homes are regularly understaffed and unable to provide appropriate care for their elderly residents. If you believe that any of your loved ones might currently be in such a situation, please contact us for a free consultation. We firmly believe that your loved ones have the right to be treated fairly and without abuse in a facility where they should only have to expect companionship and care.