Sierra Madre, California

We would like to welcome you to the elder abuse litigation page of Ben Yeroushalmi. This website has been specifically tailored for residents of Sierra Madre, to help you discover more about what constitutes nursing home neglect and what you can do if your loved one is currently suffering in a skilled nursing facility. At the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi we are outraged when nursing homes threaten or damage the health and safety of their residents and our attorneys specialize in prosecuting those responsible for such harm.

Sierra Madre is nestled right up against the San Gabriel Mountains, lending it the name "Village of the Foothills". Located in an area that used to be part of the Tongva Indian territory, it was officially incorporated I 1907. Outdating the city is the gigantic Wistaria Vine, which is now over 115 years old. This plant is a world record holder for largest flowering vine and covers over an acre of land. Every year in spring, the Wistaria Festival brings together local to admire the blooms and celebrate the city's history. Civic pride is also evident in the boisterous 4th of July parade and surrounding events. The size of Sierra Madre, with just over 10,000 residents allows it to retain a quieter, more communal person, while the larger cities of Pasadena and Arcadia, to the West and South, provide easy access to amenities. So while there are no Skilled Nursing Facilities in Sierra Madre at the moment, it is not necessary to travel far to find one.

No matter where you live, understanding the basics of the Patients' Bill of Rights is important. All nursing homes in California have to follow statutes about patient care, which provide for the continued health and safety of the elderly in these places. Nursing homes are required by law to make sure that their facilities are hygienic and that each patient receives individual care, which requires the employment of an adequate number of trained nursing staff. It is their job to make sure that residents are not exposed to infection and are able to maintain their health and nutrition. Conditions such as bedsores and experiencing frequent falls may be commonly associated with nursing homes, but that does not mean that they are in any way acceptable. By law, these facilities are required to provide care and supervision to prevent such events. Pressure ulcers are avoidable, with the main requirement for prevention being enough staff to ensure that each at risk patient is moved throughout the day to take pressure off of tender skin. Many falls experienced in nursing homes are also avoidable. Staff need to supervise each patient and assist in any activities that are more likely to lead to falls. When a facility is understaffed such individual attention is not possible and they may resort to the use of unnecessary physical or chemical restraints. While some use of physical restraints may be beneficial to the patient in certain specific situations, extensive and excessive use is harmful and a violation of patients' rights.

Nursing homes are required to create a safe and healthy environment for each and every patient, no matter their condition. Your loved one's rights are protected by law and cannot and should not be pushed aside by a nursing home facility. Please contact us if you see a skilled nursing facility failing to provide adequate care and doing harm to your loved one. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi specialize in nursing home neglect and abuse and want to ensure that your loved one is given the respect and care that he or she is due.