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The City of South El Monte is located in the San Gabriel Valley. According to the 2010 Census, its population was 20,116. The City’s mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life of its civilians. There are 30 assisted living facilities and 8 nursing homes near South El Monte.

If you have ever experienced caring for a loved one who suffers from dementia, you are well aware of how difficult it is to find solutions that could ameliorate the disease’s troublesome effects. Caregivers of dementia patients in nursing home facilities often struggle with this issue, as well. Fortunately, a recent study has revealed that dolls can play a significant role in dementia intervention for patients in nursing homes. Through the therapeutic use of dolls, fifty-one nursing home resident participants with dementia showed substantial improvements in their mood, behaviors, and social interactions. More specifically, patient aggressive and obsessive behaviors, wandering, unfavorable verbalization, negative mood, and negative physical appearance improved significantly.

About forty million people are victims to this debilitating disease, making it one of the world’s biggest leading issues. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease (AD) —a brain disorder characterized by the continuous loss of brain cells, resulting in cognitive, function, and psychomotor debilitation. Dementia diminishes an individual’s cognitive ability and commonly leads to deterioration of self-maintenance, aggressive behaviors, and poor social connections. Dementia often coexists with depression. Together, they have racked over $30 billion in annual Medicare spending. It is not a surprise that family members and caregivers of dementia patients often feel overwhelmed and burdened by the high costs that AD and dementia entail. It is imperative to know that psychotropic drugs are not the answer to avoid extensive spending. Instead, caregivers should use low-cost, nonpharmacological interventions, such as doll therapy (, to enhance the quality of care for people with dementia.

Dolls have proven to be effective tools in alleviating agitation and encouraging feelings of affection and attachment.

Doll therapy has not only helped individuals with dementia retrieve meaningful memories from the past (such as memories of parenting), it has also augmented emotional calmness and competency, enhanced stimulation through touch, and promoted communication ability with others. Dementia patients also experienced boosts in self-esteem by performing acts of nurturing, holding, and singing lullabies. Many participants reported feelings of being transported back to a time when they cared for their own children and grandchildren.

A few concerns have been raised by researchers in regards to the therapy being potentially unethical by violating the participant’s dignity and promoting deception. It is important that the viewpoints of family members are assessed, for they could perceive the intervention as demeaning to their loved ones if they do not perceive the potential benefits of doll therapy. Although the benefits of doll therapy for nursing home residents with dementia has been supported by research, further studies are needed to provide more factual evidence and examine the ethics of this therapy in this vulnerable population.

If your loved one has dementia and resides in a nursing home, you can be an advocate for your family member to ensure that they are receiving the best quality of care. We are holding health care facilities accountable for over-relying on chemical restraints to the detriment of their patients. The Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi defends the rights that you as a family member and your loved ones are entitled to during difficult times. Mr. Yeroushalmi and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about elder abuse and neglect litigation. If you believe your loved one is a victim of elder abuse or neglect due to over-medication, please contact us immediately for a free, no obligation consultation. We serve cities throughout northern and southern California.