South Gate, California

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The City of South Gate is known as the 17th biggest city in the County of Los Angeles. According to the United States Census, the city was occupied by a population of 94, 396. Since its incorporation in 1923, South Gate has been known as the “Azalea City” after adopting the flower as its symbol. The city was one of ten in the U.S. that received the All-American City Award from the National Civic League in 1990. There are 30 assisted living facilities near South Gate. The city also has one nursing home facility.

Hip fracture is prevalent among older patients and is a commonly devastating injury. It not only profoundly diminishes the physical, mental, functional and social balance of a patient, it also reflects the aging process and its dismal consequences. Some studies report that almost 50% of hip fracture patients die within six months and many of those who survive cannot regain their baseline independence and function. With the increase in life expectancy after 60 years of age in recent decades, the frequency of hip fractures has grown exponentially.

Hip fracture is a known risk factor associated with mortality among patients over 65 years of age. Women are the group most prone to sustaining a hip fracture and, thus, to increased mortality rates. Thus, it is crucial to determine the patient-related and environmental factors influencing the increased mortality rates observed in patients with hip fracture in order to improve the survival and quality of life of older adults.

study that analyzed patients over 65 years of age admitted to the Orthopedics Service, Hospital Regional with a diagnosis of hip fracture during the past 12 months were assessed, regardless of the type of diagnosis and treatment they were given. The study found that the major cause of death among the patient population analyzed was sepsis, appearing to be caused by mismanagement of soft tissues, a poor aseptic technique during the surgical procedure, a long hospital stay or a poor family support network, and dementia, which is associated with poor surgical wound care. Patients over 90 years of age were found to have the highest rates of mortality, and they were related to preexisting chronic-degenerative conditions. Patients who were between 80 to 89 years of age were at the highest risk of hip fracture. Researchers of the study advise that patients with hip fracture should always be managed together with the internist and geriatrician and should be viewed as orthopedic emergencies, as a long stay in the hospital and delayed surgical treatment can lead to critical complications and increased rates of mortality.

Please contact the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi if you know an older adult who has been abused or neglected in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Long-term care facilities are responsible for providing their older adult residents with the best quality of care to maintain their overall health and quality of life. We believe that facilities that neglect or abuse their residents are reprehensible.