Temple City, California

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Located in the County of Los Angeles, Temple City is part of the west side of San Gabriel Valley. Its Asian population continues to grow rapidly, as well as its Cuban and Puerto Rican community, along with other Latino nationalities. An estimated one third of its population is white. Also known as the “Home of Camellias”, Temple City hosts the annual Camellia Festival—an event honoring the value of family life. The aim of the festival is to instill in the community’s younger generations the desire to join a recognized youth organization and engage in the affairs of their community. For the elderly population in the city in need of more intensive care, there are three nursing homes and one assisted living facility in the area.

Happiness has a huge influence on quality of life. It is often described as “the ultimate feeling of well-being,” and cherished in our shared moments of happiness with significant others. People with advanced dementia may have impaired language and comprehension, but it should still be possible for them to live an enjoyable and satisfying life.

A recent study was conducted to discover more about this important aspect of individuals’ experiences when suffering with dementia. Researchers sought to find out what brings people with dementia happiness, to ultimately suggest ways to improve holistic nursing care.

The study found several examples of what made the patients happy throughout their daily lives—for instance, when a patient suddenly recognized a grandchild, “he immediately brightened up and went over and patted her” or “made happy noises when the patients were singing together.” A resident with diminished language ability lightened up when she heard the first notes of a favorite song from My Fair Lady.

Residents with dementia often expressed joy when family members came to visit them or when interacting with other residents. It was important to see familiar faces, whether relatives’, other residents’, or caregivers’, in order to feel happy and secure. Humor was also found to influence patients’ feelings of happiness.

Traits of personhood that are still intact despite the condition, are important. The preservation of skills that have not been forgotten, such as knitting, gave residents great pleasure.

The study showed that there are many opportunities for positive feelings and pleasure in nursing facilities that need to be incorporated into everyday routines. Through activities and interpersonal interactions, residents with dementia are able to have better quality of daily life. The study found that pleasure, humor, security, and coping are all aspects of happiness. Patients with dementia have commonly expressed feelings of safety, contentment, and happiness when physical presence and communicative rapport occurred with others.

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