Torrance, California

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Located in the South Bay, Torrance lies along the coast of Southern California. The city was incorporated in 1921 and certain parts of it are actually currently being reviewed to become a historical district. Featuring 1.5 miles of beaches, the city also has one of the largest malls in the United States, the Del Amo Fashion Center. Torrance also has many skilled nursing facilities. In order to compare the thirteen nursing homes that are located in Torrance and select one that is best for your loved one's needs, there are many different factors that you should take into consideration.

For instance, although medications are designed cure infections and relieve medical symptoms, they are too often used abusively in nursing homes. When drugs are intentionally misused in nursing homes, they are called chemical restraints. Antipsychotic drugs are the most common chemical restraints because they sedate dementia patients who are combative or agitated. Chemical restraints are often used in understaffed nursing homes that lack the resources to provide each and every one of their patients with individualized care.

While the use of chemical restraints is a direct violation of Patients' rights, it becomes more difficult to determine whether or not your loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect when the use of drugs seems to be necessary. However, victims of polypharmacy, which is the excessive use of multiple drugs simultaneously, are even more common than victims of chemical restraints. Only 2.9% of nursing home residents do not take any sort of drug. Of the remaining patients, 81.6% use one to eight drugs and 15.5% use nine or more. Although sometimes polypharmacy cannot be helped, there are still steps that nursing homes are required take in order to minimize its occurrence. Accurate and extensive documentation of a patient's medical condition allows physicians to weigh the costs and benefits of prescribing additional medications. Meanwhile, many non-pharmacological treatments exist that can serve as effective alternatives to drugs.

Because we live in a world in which the medical field has advanced so far, we often overlook or forget that drugs still do have negative side effects and can sometimes cause adverse drug reactions. Here at the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi, we realize this and work to ensure that your loved one is receiving the care that he or she needs and deserves. Contact us today for a free consultation.