Westlake Village, California

Welcome to the Westlake Village website for the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi. Our team of skilled attorneys fight for the rights of residents who fall victim to elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes. We have created this website to serve as a guide for citizens in Westlake Village who may be dealing with such facilities. We seek to educate the public regarding their legal rights and options, so that you, your loved ones or family members do not become victims of elder abuse or neglect. Our team of skilled attorneys is here to protect your rights and offer our services to assist you any way we can.

Westlake Village is on the western border of Los Angeles, CA, within the city limits of Thousand Oaks in Ventura County. According to the2010 census the population of Westlake Village was 8,270 people. It is considered to be one of the more affluent areas in Los Angeles. Many celebrities reside in Westlake Village, and is also where the headquarters of Dole Food Company, K-Swiss, Guitar Center, Click Value, and Ryland Homes are located. Westlake Village is a quiet and private area making it a great place to go for a pleasant weekend getaway. There is one skilled nursing facility that presently serves Westlake Village. Residents may also have the option of seeking Home healthcare.

In countless cases of elder abuse and neglect, our clients come to find that the facilities or care providers have violated the Patient’s Bill of Rights. The Patient’s Bill of Rights sets forth standards that caretakers and facilities are required to abide by which ensure that your loved ones receive quality care they deserve with dignity and respect. Your loved ones may be subject to a multitude of violations such as understaffing or something as basic as not being provided with appropriate nutrition and hydration. Do not place your loved ones at risk. Regrettably, the adults who are being provided with these services often suffer from cognitive impairments and may not understand that they are being mistreated. They may not be capable of standing up for themselves. Therefore, you as their loved one or family member must be their advocate. Do not hesitate to contact us (888) 060-3453 if you believe your loved one or family member is being abused or neglected.

If you have a loved one or a family member who is at a skilled nursing facility or residential care facility and have reason to believe that they are being abused or neglected, please contact us today for a free consultation. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi we will not tolerate maltreatment of the elderly. We are here to ensure that your loved ones are provided proper care.