Whittier, California

You have reached the Whittier website for the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi, specializing in elder abuse law. We would like to welcome you to our site and inform you about the basics of nursing home neglect litigation. It is not only unconscionable, but also against the law, for nursing facilities to mistreatment or harm those residing with them. Read on and learn about how we can help you and your loved one put a stop to such injury.

The city of Whittier was incorporated in 1955, but its roots go back to the 19th century when Quaker Jacob Gerkens bought the land. The city's namesake, John Greenleaf Whittier, was a Quaker poet who wrote a poem in its honor. By the turn of the century, the Quaker town quickly grew into a major player in the citrus industry, also branching out to become the number one producer of walnuts in the US. Remnants of this past can be seen in the city today, as one of the four historical landmarks located here is the paradox hybrid walnut tree. The city is home to Whittier College, one of the most diverse small liberal arts colleges in America. Its most famous graduate is Richard Nixon, who also played football at the local high school. Whittier is serviced by 7 Skilled Nursing Facilities.

By law, specifically the California Health and Safety Code section 1430(b), nursing homes can be held accountable for any damage or harm they do to their patients. The Patient's Bill of Rights has been in effect for decades. This act protects patients against abuse and mandates that they are respected and well looked after. Under 1430(b), if these rights are not met you are allowed to take action to change the situation and receive reparations for damages done.

Nursing home injuries are unfortunately far too common. And many people may not even realize when they have been the victim of neglect. It is important to understand what qualifies as elder abuse so that you can spot it and stop it when it happens.

This site lists a whole range of common abuses that can come about due to nursing home neglect. Perhaps the main reason for much of the harm that befalls nursing home residents is due to understaffing. Long term care has intense staff requirements as many patients need assistance with feeding, hygiene, and activities. It is thus vital that nursing homes employ adequate numbers of staff. The law even has minimum requirements for staffing. It is not only breaking the law for nursing homes to be understaffed, it puts all of the residents at risk. Decubitus Ulcers, or bedsores, are a horrendous injury that can be prevented with enough individual care. The spread of infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile can be greatly reduced or stopped if enough nursing staff are present to take the necessary precautionary measures. Understaffing can increase fall risks, lead to dehydration and malnutrition, exacerbate incontinence issues, and even lead to death.

It is vital that nursing homes not be allowed to abuse their residence in such ways. Please look around our site to learn more about nursing home neglect and then contact us. We want to talk to you about your loved one's situation to see what we can do to an end to his or her suffering and hold the nursing facility accountable for what they have done.