You may be the victim of fraud if someone lied to you in order to get you to do something you wouldn't otherwise do. If you believe someone lied, made false promises, or made misrepresentations that caused you to suffer financial or other harm, contact us so we can determine whether your circumstances merit an action for fraud. Fraud is a difficult cause of action to prove, and The Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi has experience in successfully proving fraud at trial and obtaining punitive damages, which are meant to punish the defendant and serve as a deterrent to future unscrupulous conduct.

Fraud usually occurs through a relationship of trust, where one party is injured by placing trust in another, such as a business partner, broker, or other fiduciary, who abuses such trust to their own advantage.

The elements of a fraud cause of action are more difficult to prove than ordinary business related causes of action and must be supported by specific facts and substantial evidence. To win a claim for fraud, you must prove that someone made a false statement or misrepresentation to you, while knowing it was untrue, with the intent to deceive you. Then you must prove that you relied on those false statements and suffered some harm because of your reliance.

Instances of Fraud are often linked with commercial and business litigation, and can occur in real estate transactions, partnership ventures, business purchase agreements, and even ordinary contract actions. An experienced attorney familiar with the extremely heavy burden of proving each element of fraud and obtaining punitive damages can assess the likelihood that you can prove fraud and recover punitive damages and can take the lead in helping you achieve that goal.

Ben Yeroushalmi has a successful track record of proving fraud at trial and obtaining punitive damages on behalf of his clients. Our experience can increase the likelihood that you too may recover punitive damages at trial if you been the victim of fraud. If you have been financially injured by the acts of a person or entity in which you placed your trust, contact us so we can determine whether your circumstances merit an action for fraud.